3 Business Collaboration Project


Oftentimes we get to collaborate with other companies doing exceptional work in their field to create something truly special. A recent bathroom remodel was one of these, and we were fortunate to be involved.


We got a call from Alfio and Tina LaRosa after they saw our trucks and signs around the Syracuse area. They gathered a few quotes from other companies, but ended up choosing us. According to Alfio, “[Salt Point] understood my expectation and the decision was quality-based rather than price. We were letting people into our private space (our master bedroom and bathroom) so it was extra important for us to feel we could trust them.”


This trust is not something we take for granted, and we work to build this kind of relationship with all our clients.


In addition to working with a plumbing company (the owners’ ATL Plumbing and Mechanical) to complete the project, we also worked with Susan Clark of Susan Clark Interiors, who thoughtfully designed the space.


Susan first worked with the LaRosa family when they renovated their dining room so she had a good understanding of their desire for a unique home that reflects their contemporary/transitional style. Before the dining room was complete, the LaRosa’s asked Susan to work on designing their master bath. They wanted this room to fit their home but be low-maintenance with a clean, light, and modern style. Susan created a beautiful design and we enjoyed using our craftsmanship to marry the design and high-end hardware together to complete the project.


Alfio’s plumbing experience led him to the decision to make the investment in the DVT+ Kohler Shower system. While this system is highly advanced and luxurious he said that “a shower is something you use every day - it was well worth the initial cost to have it the way we want it.” As the owners had access to newest Kohler products, they also chose a free standing tub, a bidet toilet with many high-tech features, and high-end faucets.


In reflection, all three parties are pleased with the outcome and the spirit of collaboration that resulted in a beautiful bathroom. It’s these collaborative projects that make a community stronger and better - and central New York has some of the best offerings around! Salt Point Services is honored to be included in that list.

Kendra Anderson