Bring the Outside In: Your Basement

Syracuse consistently lands itself on the top 10 for snowiest cities in the US, honestly it’s often number 1. (don’t believe us? Here’s some light reading: Trip Savvy, Golden Snow Globe, or to persuade you) While we love enjoying the snow, there are some days when you just can’t do that. That is where having a good basement living space is of the utmost importance. Make your basement a retreat where you bring the outdoors in, and even better, give your kids a place to work out all the energy they have stored up from being cooped up inside!

Can’t visualize your basement remodel? This recent project we completed should give you some inspiration! Here’s what this client wanted to include in their dream basement:

√ Workout Area - get your workout in, go for a run, do a video, sit ups, push ups…anything can be done!

√ Rock Climbing Wall - get a full body workout scaling the wall

√ Play Area - give your kids space to run and play or just spread out

√ Life-Size play house - didn’t every little kid wish for this? No detail missed - bunk beds, shingles, windows…

√ Zip line - what play house have you seen that has a zip line? Even has a built in retractor. Once a child goes down it, it will automatically be back at the top waiting for the next kid

√ Slide - We’re not talking about a little 3-foot-step-slide, full blown twisty slide for the win!

√ Craft Area - Counter space to do crafts (or homework) complete with sink to clean up afterwards

√ Theater Room - curl up for a snuggly movie night or watch the game…Superbowl parties, anyone?

√ Sky - remember we are bringing the outside in for those cold, long winters!

Our client is now using ALL of the space in their home (hello, resale value!) AND have given their entire family a great place to hibernate during the long winter months.


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Kendra Anderson