The One About a Tree


Salt Point services prides itself on having an eye for artistry, and with that, a priority for making special projects with high quality. Recently, we were able to use a tree to execute an artistic vision by creating several very special pieces for custom client work.

Through a family connection to an old saw mill, we were able to purchase a tree that was at least 150 years old. This tree had been sawed and cut into slabs, then it was dried out for another 2 years. This is when Salt Point received the tree, and we got to work on making the most out of it.

Once we had the tree, it seemed as though projects that were looking for live edge or unique wood pieces kept coming to our attention. Clients would ask for unique pieces with live-edge wood, or old looking wood materials - things that this tree could perfectly provide.

Having the 100% unique look of a live edge piece points to a desire for artistic expression - you can insure no one on the planet will have a piece like yours when you use a live-edge, custom-built, wood piece.

Here are all the items we were able to make with this single tree:

  • Vanity Top in Bathroom Off of Addition

    • A custom vanity top with personality, crafted to perfectly fit the space and bathroom elements.

  • Custom Kitchen Table

    • A unique table to fit the well thought out breakfast nook.

  • Stair Treads & Live Edge Shelving

    • Every little detail matters, adding live edge to the stairs and shelving gave this room and more rustic look.

  • Theater Snack and Beverage Shelf

    • Why have a plain shelf when it can be a conversation piece?

  • Crafting Corner in Basement Remodel

    • This area is meant to inspire kids and adults a like to get in and get their hands dirty with whatever creative idea that comes to mind! Complete with a sink for clean up.

  • Salt Point Conference Room Table

    • We loved getting to use this to bring a bit of luxury to our space, bringing the mirrored image pieces together with custom resin for a statement office piece.

  • Live Edge Desk (in the works)

    • We are not sure what this is going to look like yet, but we are excited to see the final product!

Being able to create many things out of one beautiful piece of wood is one of the many ways Salt Point offers its clients more than just construction. We pride ourselves in work that verges on architectural design and art while being practical and useful.

Kendra Anderson