Care for the Caregiver and Give Back to Our Community

Thanksgiving week is upon us and we are reflecting on our years of business and how thankful we are to be here. So, please enjoy this short list of things we are especially thankful for this year:

  1. We are thankful for what we do. We (Salt Point) are a co-owned partnership of Jim France and Ken Stratton. We often hear people say that having a partnership with this structure isn’t a good idea, and can be difficult and/or will eventually dissolve. This has not been our experience, and we are thankful. Our partnership has strengthened both of us and enabled us to have half the burden and half the stress, making each and every area of our business better. 

  2. We are thankful for our team and the hard work and commitment they put into their work each and every day. They are behind us and are in complete alignment with our vision for Salt Point. Our team reflects who we are and we have the utmost respect for their work and trust them to continue what we are building.

  3. We are thankful for our wonderful clients who inspire and challenge us on a daily basis. We love what we do, and we love the creativity and excitement our clients bring to each project.

  4. We are thankful to live in a great community that cares for its people.

One of the local charities that we are proud to support is David’s Refuge. David’s Refuge cares for the caregiver, providing respite to parents of children with special needs or fatal diseases and reminds them of three important things "You are not alone, what you do matters, and God and your community loves you.”  As parents, we understand parenting can be difficult under any circumstance, but it’s especially challenging for parents who provide full-time care to children with special needs or life-threatening illnesses. As it happens, November is National Family Caregivers month and we at Salt Point have decided to donate $500 to David’s Refuge and invite you to join us in giving back to these parents. Our goal was to AT LEAST double our gift, but we were pleasantly surprised by a generous donor who is matching donations through November 23rd, so our challenge to you is to help us double it again! Anything given between now and November 23rd will be matched, so let’s make every dollar count! Each donation helps these families find respite and enables them to give their best selves to their children. Strong families strengthen our community and we want to support them. Click here to donate and learn more about how you can help us! No donation will go to waste! Here are some items you could sponsor to give a couple an amazing gift they deserve:

We at Salt Point hope you can join us in supporting David’s Refuge and wish the best to your families this week as you join together to celebrate thankfulness.

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Kendra Anderson