Remodeling for Relo Solutions Group

The best clients come to us somewhat randomly with a story and a vision. When we met Jim Walsh of Relo Solutions Group, we knew we had to be involved in this unique remodel. Jim tried to retire, but found himself drawn to creating more projects and eventually created Relo Solutions Group, a national provider of on-site crating and specialty relocation services. Relo also offers solutions to customers in need of moving specialty items like Fine art, Home theaters, or ensuring gas fixtures are hooked up correctly.

With this new company, Jim felt the need to give a new look and feel to the offices, which are located in an old bank building he has owned for fifteen years and housed a previous company of his.  Jim's first step was very basic, but therapeutic. He and some of his buddies rounded up some dumpsters and completely demoed the location, removing 15 years of previous use without much of a plan for what would happen next but knowing there had to be an updated atmosphere.

Salt Point entered into the project through a boot camp class at the Fayetteville YMCA when Jim met one of our owners, Ken Stratton. After talking between pushups and sprints, Jim decided the people at Salt Point were the ones to handle his remodel.

Jim brought inspiration from photos of old Syracuse lofts to Ken and Aaron (our trusted design partner), and the vision was born. Aaron created a space to reflect the Relo Solutions vision, as well as giving an open, urban feel to the space.

The integrity of the old space was kept by keeping the bank vault, which is now used as a breakroom and extra storage. We added 5 west-facing windows in order to bring in plenty of natural light, in addition, we tore out the drop ceilings and left the exposed industrial beams and ductwork. The project was finished off with nice, new wood floor. The unique featured piece of this office is "the cloud" Aaron designed to mimic the crates that Relo Solutions uses in their day to day work.

Remodel, CommercialKendra Anderson