Remodeling from the Outside In

Remodeling can be overwhelming, and the options for updating a home are endless. While Kitchens and bathrooms are some of the most popular remodel projects homeowners take on, the exterior of your house is another remodeling option that can give you a feeling of a brand new home, especially when you pull in your driveway and like what you see! In thinking about the exterior of one’s home, the main expenses are windows and doors. Installing energy-efficient windows and doors can not only save you money over a longer period of time, but can offer an updated look to the exterior of your home.


We love working with the team at Marvin Windows and doors. Known for their “made to order” and industry-leading products, Marvin windows and doors are top of the line and are the best looking windows and doors on the market. We rely on our supplier, Chittenango Lumber to ensure our clients are getting the best quality and performance available when it comes to their windows and doors. Susan is our go-to representative at Chittenago's Marvin Design Gallery and we highly recommend visiting her to view all the options available and learn more about the best windows and doors for your house.

Interested in learning more about exterior remodeling and how Marvin products can help? Here are some great articles from the experts at Marvin to get your exterior project started:


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