A Truly Custom Estate: Cazenovia Lake Remodel

Job #5001, which coincidentally is Jackie's house number!

Job #5001, which coincidentally is Jackie's house number!

When we do large-scale renovations, we often find that the client has one item in the project that's the "custom" or "focus" item - where we spend more energy and money to on the item to make it unique. Rarely do we have a client that requests entirely custom work for the whole of the project - and boy, do we love when that happens!

Jackie approached us with with creativity and big dreams for her custom house. The project was no small task: we stripped the entire house (and boat house) down to the frames and custom-built every little thing - including the wall layout. We love all our projects, small or large, and this one was especially exciting because we were able to dream big with every piece of drywall and tile.


Through custom flooring and trim work, we were grateful to be able to do a lot of interesting things that aren't a normal part of a renovation project. Some particularly unique items included butler pantry floors with black walnut and a tile inset, a custom skylight in the addition of the house, the library/office with custom woodwork on the ceiling.


In addition to interior work, we also renovated the entire exterior, including a gorgeous round window that acted as a feature to the front of the home. Interestingly, her previous home had this same window - and she loved it so much that she wanted it again in this new house. We love those details that both enhance the home's appearance but also have a very special significance to the client. As a special bonus, the property was beautiful and provided so much peace as we went about our work.

As we reviewed our favorite part of the project, we came to the conclusion that the most exciting part was seeing all the evolving ideas slowly come together. The entire project wasn't planned out at the beginning, but each piece came together to make an extremely unique and well-done end product. As a construction company, we take pride in our work, and when a fully-custom project is completed with a thrilled client, we have the benefit of knowing our creativity accomplished a large goal for a satisfied homeowner.

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