A Rotten Blog

The best part of our renovation and building business is working with homeowners to make the home of their dreams a reality. There’s nothing better than seeing the look on their faces when they see their new kitchen or deck or bathroom for the first time.

However, there is less attractive side to general contracting that is the foundation of the more exciting work - maintenance and repairs. While not a fun topic, keeping your home in good working order, is a necessary one.

In a recent kitchen remodel, we shared photos of a finished beautiful project that everyone wants to see. What we left out was the repair process to get that kitchen to a base level where it could be remodeled.

This 150 year old Colonial was in dire need of structural repairs. The back side and front right of the house was suffering from wood rot, and had to be jacked up to rebuild the main sill beam and corner beams. Once accomplished, this brought the roughed-out kitchen to a blank canvas where we could address the more expected aspects of the remodel - cabinets, lighting, appliances and flooring.

Living in the northeast, where it’s not uncommon for homes to be 100-200 years old, we see a lot of rot and other structural damage needs.  One of the best ways to stay on top of this is to

  1. Take the time to inspect your home. Walk around and visually inspect it. 

  2. Catch it early. It's cheaper for maintenance than it is to replace rot.

  3. Don't assume it costs too much. Find a contractor you trust and can work with. Any of the good guys will offer a free estimate. 

While not the most exciting for homeowners, foundational home maintenance and upkeep will keep your house in its best condition and help to avoid expensive repairs down the road.

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