Turning Visions Into Reality - It's What We Do

When clients share their ideas and requests for building projects, they often send photos found online or their own renditions of an idea, trusting us to turn their dreams into reality. We love getting help like this.

A recent project started when the client had a vision for a specific type of bench for their kitchen. The idea started out fuzzy with little detail but eventually grew to be a full-fledged concept. These photos outline the process Salt Point Services went through to help these nice folks realize their dream!


Our client found this photo online and loved how it created a special 'nook' to sit in:



The second photo gave more definition to the vision. Here’s the note we got: "We love the look of this old barn wood bench for the mud room. Is this something you could do for us?"

We were happy to!



Whether a napkin or graph paper, a client sketch gives us perspective for location and dimensions. It always helps to see what’s in their head!

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 4.50.36 PM.png


Here it is -  the final product. It’s always fun when the project is complete and the client is happy. We are grateful to help turn big dreams into reality!


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