Revealing the beauty in the old

One of our greatest strengths at Salt Point Services is working with old architecture and revealing the character and beauty of it, as well as making the old become new again. Many property owners know that an older building has potential to be brought to a new life, but are overwhelmed with the process. From dreaming and designing, to demolition and construction, renovations of this nature are not easy and are not easily managed by any contractor. These projects are unique and custom, and are ALWAYS a challenge we are ready and willing to accept. Here are a few of our favorite "Old to New" renovation projects:

1) Relo Solutions Offices: 

The best clients come to us somewhat randomly with a story and a vision. When we met Jim Walsh of Relo Solutions Group, we knew we had to be involved in this unique remodel. Jim brought inspiration from photos of old Syracuse lofts to Ken and Aaron (our trusted design partner), and the vision was born. The integrity of the old space was kept by keeping the bank vault, which is now used as a breakroom and extra storage. We added 5 west-facing windows in order to bring in plenty of natural light, in addition, we tore out the drop ceilings and left the exposed industrial beams and ductwork. The project was finished off with nice, new wood floor. The unique featured piece of this office is "the cloud" Aaron designed to mimic the crates that Relo Solutions uses in their day to day work.

2) Front Porch Brick Steps:

This project was one the homeowner never guessed would have made such a huge difference, yet was so simple. Many times, we hear that homeowners have an undesirable home detail that at one time looked new and inviting, but now is crumbled and falling apart. Homeowners have a hard time imagining  how a renovation project can update the look of a home without redoing more than is needed, and then the character isn't preserved. These steps are proof that you can keep the old details of a home and still have a new and clean look.

3) Fireplace:

When we had the opportunity to remodel a complete estate (read more about that project here), even we couldn't have guessed how elegant this fireplace and surrounding area would become. We had so many "old to new" projects in this home, that is it hard to choose which one to feature. While the space is almost exactly the same,  take a look at how we conquered this 70's fireplace to create a gorgeous room filled with light and life.

Have an old home with lots of character that needs to be brought to life? Ask for a quote today! 

Leslie Eiler Thompson