Technically Creative

Salt Point Services often gets requests from clients that require us to combine the technical AND creative sides to our brains - and we love this. In fact, this kind of work is a hallmark of the Salt Point offering and what sets us apart. 


Whenever we get this kind of custom work, we love to show it off because using interesting materials is a lot of fun for us. We are currently working on a project that while beautiful, is actually technically very complex. The project, as a whole, is completely custom - the door is made to order with custom glass panes that we assembled and stained ourselves (purchased from Chittenango Lumber). In addition to the custom decor work, every bit of the overhang is designed and built to fit this house and client.

This new entryway overhang we are working on is not only pleasing to the eye, but it pleases those of us who enjoy the technical nature of projects like this. Each step involves tiny details that make the overall project exponentially better than going with the “easy route.”

First, the materials themselves aren’t your run-of-the-mill (pun intended) pieces of wood. We used rough cut larch from the Larch Tree. This wood is especially hard, and the timber is tough, waterproof, and knot-free.


Then, we used a special process for building the overhang. Called “Tenon and Mortise,” this process involves taking large wood beams and connecting them together. A mortise and tenon joint is both simple and strong - made to last. We see a lot of them in the craftsman style; It’s a carpenters technique that has been used for thousands of years. The tenon fits into the mortice connecting the two beams and creating a 90 degree angle at the joint. We are using chisels and wooden pegs on these large rough cut timbers to get the perfect fit. The top of this entryway is metal with a standing seam, which is a system for roofing that conceals the fasteners. This creates a visually appealing roof that appears to be “seamless.” 

Doing custom projects like this one is our specialty, and we love to be creative with the work clients bring to us. 

Kendra Anderson