2019 In The Bathroom

Now that we’ve reached the half-way mark in 2019, design trends are certainly making themselves known within home renovations and remodels. In the bathroom, we’ve noticed many recurring themes when homeowners decide to make changes. Here are the top 10 2019 Bathroom Remodel trends we find happening in the Central New York area:

1 Black is Back

We’re finding that black is the new gray. We’re seeing bolder, darker styles with high contrast, and matte black is definitely here to stay.

large tub.jpg
high tech shower.jpg

2 Smart Bathrooms Have Arrived

High tech bathrooms are being installed more frequently. These provide spa-like features to enhance relaxation in the bathroom. “Smart home” capabilities are found in showers, bidets, mirrors, and heated floors

3 Brass and Gold Fixtures Are In

These finishes add a little bit of old-time glamour to any bathroom, and they are actually finding their way into other parts of the home. Bass and gold fixtures are great accent pieces for many rooms.

4 Embracing Industrial-Inspired

We’re seeing a larger embrace of sleek and modern sinks, industrial lighting, and metal and wood combinations. Concrete is also being used more widely!

tile statement.jpg

5 Creative Tile Patterns

This is one of our favorite recent trends. Using creative and unique tiles in a bathroom can add character and personality. We are seeing people use long skinny tiles, hexagon tiles, and herringbone tiles. Here are some examples of this in our work.

6 Wood Accents

We are installing more items made of wood into bathrooms including vanities and other accessories.

wood accent.jpg

7 Pops of Color

Bathrooms aren’t often a place with much color, but people are starting to add some color in creative ways. With so many neutrals in the bathroom, there is an allowance for fun pops of color when its appropriate - want a little color? How about a Turquoise tub? Or maybe try some colored cabinets!

large tub open shower.jpg

8 BIG Tubs and Open Showers

This trend keeps the bathroom feeling very open and allows for more relaxation when using the space. Pairing a big tub or huge shower with a smart home system ups the ante!

9 Statement Walls

This style trend gives bathrooms personality without doing too much work. Wallpaper is being put behind vanities and commodes. Bold colors are being chosen for accent walls, and tile is being used to bring attention to a space behind vanities and toilets.

statement wall.jpg
wallpaper statement.jpg

10 Minimalistic Design

The timeless truth about recent trend is that less is more. We are pairing down our designs and allowing form to meet function. Minimalistic designs automatically look clean and tidy, and the bathroom is the perfect place to use this trick!

Anything inspire you on this list? Let us know if we can implement any of these trends in your bathroom!

Kendra Anderson