Meet Mickey, AKA the Animal!

Meet Mickey Nowak, aka The Animal... actually nobody calls him that, they are all just thinking it!!

Mickey turned 50 recently. He is all about anything with a throttle. Years ago Mickey mad a promise to himself - when he turned 50 he was going to race in a dirt bike competition and make sure he wasn't loosing a step.

Well, we are here to tell you - Mickey not only competed, but he won his age group! Checkout his moves in the video.

Mickey applies this relentless approach toward his work with Salt Point Services as well. Mickey is one of our experienced carpenters, and a great role model to our team. We appreciate his dedication and leadership. His "its just a thing" attitude is untouched and we are thankful to have him!

Way to be Mickey and Happy Birthday!


Mickey | carpenter

30+ yr experience

  • Favorite Team: Cazenovia Lakers

  • Favorite Ice Cream: maple walnut

  • Kids/Pets: 2 kids, 1 pet

  • Favorite Movie: Smoky & the bandit

  • Hobby: kayaking

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